Goodbye Summer

My biggest challenge this summer was finding something for two kids to do, who are at very different stages in terms of play. We had some hot weather and the baby couldn’t really go outside for as long as my toddler, they were on different feeding schedules, nap schedules etc.  I also wanted to find things to do, not just get wrapped up with cleaning the house and doing things on the inside while my daughter should be outside being a kid!

Here are some summer tips that helped me:

Getting out early – My daughter just learned how to ride her bike and loves it 🙂  If my husband wasn’t working, I would go out with her while he entertained the baby.  If he was busy or working, I would take the baby in the stroller as she rode beside us.  I’m sure you’re asking why I wouldn’t just take the stroller every time.  We have some hills in our neighborhood and I would find that she doesn’t really know how to steer or stop while going down the hill.  It would get a little tricky trying to catch and stop her/steer for her while pushing the stroller at the same time. I will get better at that, just may take a little more time 😉

Children’s Museum – we spent some of the hottest days/afternoons at the children’s museum.  The kids had a ball and we were able to get some energy out as well as stay cool.

Mini Pool – We had this in our backyard and we would use it for a short time.   I could stick my feet in, I could push the baby in his swing while she played in the pool, and put the baby’s feet in every once in a while.

Daytime Baths – If the kids needed a bath and it was way too hot outside and inside for that matter, we took a bath and they got to play for an extended time.

Target – my home away from home.  My son’s formula was from Target and he went through it often.  Typically we went to Target every weekend, I would choose to go in the late morning when there weren’t lots of people in the store and when it was already getting pretty hot.  Target cooled us down while we were productive and getting things we needed.

Diaper bag to diaper backpack – I love totes!  I have 3 totes that I would use for the kids but this summer with the baby more on the move and going to the museum by myself with the kids, I needed all my hands.  Esp, needing to at times carry both of them.  So I switched to a backpack and never looked back.  I remember my sister doing this and her recommending it early on in my first pregnancy but I always wanted my tote.  The backpack is a life saver.  I can keep enough in it with out hurting my shoulders and can carry the kids when needed.

Sun screen – so far my kids are blessed with not getting burnt as soon as the sun touches them.  Since vitamin D is so important, I usually have my kids soak some up before putting sunscreen on them.  The one I have learned about, love, and trust is from Young Living.  I used it on my trip to Mexico and I didn’t burn once when I was there.  It also didn’t take long for it to rub into my skin.  I fell in love with it.  I switched my entire family to this sunscreen and it is for the most part, always in the diaper bag.

Homemade bug repellent – mosquitoes love my daughter.  I couldn’t find a bug spray that wasn’t crazy greasy and I trusted.  So I made my own.  I used water with lemongrass, lavender, tea tree, citronella, and peppermint.  It really seemed to work.

Lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil – I would use these on bug bites.  Peppermint for me – it would stop the itch.  Lavender for my kids – peppermint is too strong and is a hot oil so could burn the kids, so the lavender would help heal their bites.

I hope these tips help someone next year like they did for me!

Community Of All Shapes And Sizes

Growing up, my community was my town where many people knew each other and my school.  Everything was ten minutes away and going to the market or mall, you were bound to run into at least 5 people you knew.  When my husband and I started dating he hated “running to do a quick errand” or making a “quick stop” because it was usually the opposite.

Once we were married, I not only moved out of town, but I moved out of state.  It was a little bit of a shock for me.  I had two friends up here that I met through my husband and other than that….I knew no one, saw no one, everything was more than a hop, jump, skip away compared to what I was used to.  It was hard and at times is still hard.  I don’t regret moving and wouldn’t change it for the world but doesn’t mean it’s not a struggle at times.  I can’t run down the street to a friends house or grab a drink with a friend that knew a huge part of my life or that I have known since middle school.  Like I said, hard concept to get used to.

I still believe community is the town you live in, your school, and where you work or a team you are on.  But my sense of community has recently changed.  I have joined communities that I would’ve never thought of doing and absolutely love it – Social media communities.  The concept to me is funny, I comment and “like” posts of complete strangers!! No one I will EVER run into at the market or anywhere for that matter.  It fills a void and I’m 100% me, I don’t know these people, there’s no stress of trying to impress them or wondering if they like me or not.  I would recommend finding a community that fits for you.  I use Instagram mainly and find people mainly from hashtags.  The hashtags are usually something I would have in common with them.  For instance, health, fitness and essential oils.  I have started following more and more people and it’s fun finding something that you can relate to or spreading positivity to others.  I believe positivity is a very powerful thing. The news is so negative and can make me feel horrible so I choose not to watch it. Being part of online communities that are positive, helps keep me positive and happy.  Life is too short.

One of the communities I have joined on Instagram is the Tone It Up Community.  Something I started just for me and have started branching out to other people from there.  There are lots of women in that group that are new moms, working moms, and essential oil lovers like me!  It has become a such a spider web lol I’ve even started taking screen shots of books I see people post as recommendations.  I actually created a separate Instagram account for this so I could keep it separate from my personal one.  This way I wasn’t bombarding family and friends feeds with pictures of food or workouts or little things that they probably don’t want to see.  And if they did, they could follow my other account.

I’ve started to do the same exact thing with essential oils. Created a separate Instagram account and have that dedicated to oil lovers that I can connect and learn from. Just starting out and would like examples? A great hashtag to follow is #tiucommunity or even #oilcommunity. This would be a starting point until you play around more.  Many of the women on there are women who empower other women, lift them up and relate to the hard times as well.  They share tips and tricks and different product recommendations at times in a natural way.

If you find a great community on Instagram (I know there are some on Facebook too, I just don’t have much experience with them), please feel free to share with me!! I find myself following and continuing to add more and more communities to my feeds 🙂


Since Forever

Holy Moly Happy 2019 everyone!!  It has been such a long, long time since I have been on here and written a post.  I’ve been back to work since we had our little guy and it’s just been a whirl wind.  We now have a new norm and have been spending this time adjusting to our new life…… AKA feeling like complete nut cases hahaha

Let’s get caught up!!

I started the year like I typically do by looking at past years goals and creating new ones.  Right before I sat down on my lunch break to do this (no one I could’ve done it at home lol) I told myself, do NOT write too many.  2019 I want to practice not giving myself too many to do’s.  Whenever I write down a to do list for the weekend or before someone comes to stay with us, it’s a MILE LONG!!  This year I am trying to give myself manageable lists, not a list of everything I hope to get done.  Well…my goal list still had about 17 items on it, BUT I let that one slide 😉 since I wrote down exactly what I wanted and put that out to the universe but I am also hoping to accomplish it all in a 12 month time frame.

We are now basically 3 months in and writing down a manageable, achievable to do list is HARD.  Although, I have found that when I erase some items, my stress levels go down a little and on Monday, I feel like I accomplished something.  My husband always tells me that when I am taking care of the kids, that’s an accomplishment and so important all in it’s own.  I absolutely love him for saying that and need that.  I know that taking care of my kids is top priority and extremely important.  I also LOVE being with them.  But when I see everything that needs to get done or that I want to do, I get stressed and am very hard on myself.  PLEASE tell me that I am not the only mama out there that gets this way haha!

I will have to keep you updated on this topic because it’s a struggle, I’m assuming I am not the only one out there struggling with this and will share any tips that I have found to help.


We are starting up renovations again…I know, I know we are NUTS.  We are trying so hard to just chip away at it.  And when I say we, I mean my husband for all the actual work outside of decorating and helping choose tile, paint colors etc.  I am on kid duty while he works.  It is cute though, our little girl A wants to help daddy out and will do anything that is “working” with daddy.  It’s amazing how much my heart is continuing to explode and have even more love than I thought it could hold. My heart felt so full during each pregnancy with all the love I already had for both of them, then it became fuller once I held them, and now it continues to explode with love for them.


Once I delivered our little man, I went a little over board with carbs and sugar.  I am back in action with taking care of myself and continuing my journey of nutrition and fitness.  I have started meal prepping again and trying to sneak in mini 10 minute work outs.  The weather has also been giving us some sneak peeks into spring so I’ve been trying to go for walks again at work and on the weekends with the kids.

Wow, I’ve already mentioned a lot that I will probably go into more detail in later posts.  It feels like I could type forever and everything is spilling out haha.  Boy, I have I missed this!  It feels like so much more has happened but that is also probably because of all the holidays that have passed since I have written last.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and are kicking butt in the new year already.  I will try not to go quite as long this time around.  Please always feel free to share comments and even let me know that I’m not a crazy person 😉

Positive Mindset and Lifestyle

I know I have brought up the group Tone It Up in the past and wanted to go into a little bit more detail about them and my current journey.

I found this group after I got married. I had been working out quite a bit at a gym near my work and LOVED it! But when I moved, I lost the gym and also didn’t want an additional monthly expense. So I started looking around and can’t even remember how I found Tone It Up. But I started following them on social media, started doing some of the workouts they had on their website that are for free and then purchased their nutrition plan. All of their beliefs about food and types of workouts were perfect and aligned with my beliefs. Unfortunately I started to let life get in the way. We got a new puppy that would not let me workout, work stress and decisions were weighing me down, not really having any friends near by to help encourage and workout with me was getting to me, and then since I wasn’t really working out when I became pregnant I didn’t want to add anything new into my routine. I was nervous of miscarrying if I did anything too drastic and I was completely surprised and thrown off at how exhausted I was during my first trimester. Even though I let all of those things get into my head and get in the way, I still would follow Tone It Up and their founders Karena and Katrina on social media, read their emails and keep what they were teaching their community in the back of my mind.

Having our first child threw me for a lil loop and I wasn’t eating as structured as I used to, I would think of fast meals like drive thru food because that was the best time that I could sit and eat without getting distracted by the baby. We also weren’t living in a neighborhood that I felt comfortable walking in by myself or with the baby. Finding the time/making the time to work out was such a struggle! When I was finally starting to get it together to lose the baby weight and was somewhat close, I found out I was pregnant again and it was a complete surprise.

That pregnancy started off very different from my first. I felt very sick all the time, I was even more exhausted, and my ankles were starting to swell already. I should’ve known something was off but didn’t and we ended up losing the baby at the end of my first trimester.

I’m so fortunate that it wasn’t my first pregnancy because it’s so common and all the women who go through it the first time around, my heart completely goes out to you and you are extremely strong! Miscarrying takes a tole on you mentally and physically. I got to a point when I needed to start taking care of myself which really hadn’t happened since our first child. She was also getting older where I could try to attempt to make muffins or have a few seconds where she was content enough for me to do something independently. So I started to get back into slowly working out, eating better and lost the baby weight! I even bought a new pair of jeans because I had still been wearing my maternity pants. 2 weeks after that…I found out I was pregnant again! So happy I had lost the baby weight before the new pregnancy but was even more scared this time around to do anything! I’m happily and thankfully starting my third trimester and feeling great!

With already being so far along there’s a lot going through my mind thinking about the new baby. At the same time Tone It Up started their Bikini Series. I signed up for it like I always do and thought, you know what?, I’m going to do this the right way and use this time to start setting myself up for after the baby is born. This will end up being my last pregnancy and I don’t want it to take two years again to lose my baby weight. Knowing myself, I need to start slowly getting some routines down now. Even though my routine will be different I need to start somewhere because I’m also going to almost have a three year old at the same time!

I decided that one way I was going to try and hold myself accountable was to create a Tone It Up Instagram account (@tiu_savvie).

This was such an amazing move for me! There are so many women who have done the same thing and following them has been keeping me motivated, inspired, aware, and accountable. I’ve become part of that community and LOVE it! It’s all about positivity and support. Everyone is real and honest and will explain how weekends are hard and they ate ice cream or fell off the wagon BUT the catch- the community and Tone It Up group teach you to move on. Don’t feel guilty, don’t beat yourself up, stay positive and it’s ok! This encourages me even MORE. With my personality and being pregnant, it’s such an easy excuse to eat whatever I want, I know I will have slip ups and that’s ok! I’m learning to move on and not give up thinking I can’t do it. They are helping me become stronger, more positive, and crating the lifestyle that I want and believe in. I don’t feel like I am dieting. I’m making healthy decisions and feel really good.

This has been a much longer post than I usually write but really wanted to share. I have been overcome with their energy and positivity how could I not share?! I’m doing this for myself and everyone is different with a different story. If I help or inspire one person along the way, that’s amazing! And if not, that’s ok too because I’m doing it for me. I wanted to pay it forward because of how many women that I will never meet, have helped me. Please feel free to follow my TIU account, @tiu_savvie, and reach out with any questions!

Best Way To Start A Day

I am so thankful that A loves going for walks! Being outside makes me happy but sometimes I get to caught up with what needs to be done inside that I don’t stop and smell the roses!! Having a child has completely changed that and I truely appreciate it. I love going for walks and running but need to make more time for it.

When we are rushing out the door to head to daycare and work, A will go over to her stroller and ask to go for a walk. She started this earlier in the winter where it wasn’t too cold and we would go for a quick lap and then jump into the car afterwards. She had fun, I got in a little bit of exercise before going to work where I sit all day, and it helps clear my head to prepare me for the day. What better way to start a day!! I’m so happy I see Spring in our future so we can start this up again. This morning she didn’t want the stroller but wanted to walk with me and of course Goofy tagged along 😊 Its the perfect time to talk about shadows and who’s is bigger/smaller.

It makes a difference in my life and teaching my daughter to go on walks and be outside even if it’s for a quick moment is important to me.

Whenever I try to work out I plan on carving out time. That’s stressful in itself some days!! But I’m learning that it doesn’t always have to be that difficult especially when I’m just starting up a routine, which is the hardest typically for me.

Citrus + Melon and Pumpkin Pie

I have tried two new teas that I wanted to share. A Citrus + Melon green tea from White Heron and Pumpkin Pie herbal tea from Verde of Cambria.

My mom was in California with my aunt and they had tried some tea and grabbed me some from a shop out there. I looked them up and it’s such a cute shop! I can luckily buy some of their tea online 😉Typically I drink Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin Spice Tea when it is mixed with Chai. I had never tried an herbal Pumpkin tea before and so glad I did! It is so light and tasty!! I do end up mixing a tiny bit of honey or Monk Fruit with it to sweeten it up a little. This is a great caffeine free pumpkin tea option! I want to try it mixed with Almond milk and make it creamier.

They also brought me back an herbal tea called Apple Pie. It smelled so rich and delicious!! This tea blend has hibiscus flower in it which I have recently discovered that I’m not a huge fan of tea blends with hibiscus in it unfortunately. I shared the Apple Pie with friends at work and they rave about it!! They say it’s one of the best teas they have had! I’ve already looked at the different blends online and have my shopping list ready to go.

Last time I was in White Heron I wanted to try something new. I’ve talked about their Citrus Green tea before and really enjoy that one. Right next to it on the shelf is a Citrus + Melon green tea. When I went up to the counter I asked which had less caffeine, their Chai or Citrus + Melon. They said probably the green tea since the Chai is made from a black tea. So I tried the Citrus + Melon and fell in love!! It is such a light and fresh tea that to me is perfect after lunch or at night. There is no one taste that is over powering in this blend at all! Their Citrus green tea is a little bolder and wakes me up a little more so I prefer that in the morning if I don’t make a cup of chai.

This tea blend isn’t currently on their website but if you contact them by email they are extremely responsive and they will be able to help you out. I think I may try to drink at least half of their teas! I’ll of course share all my findings😊