Goodbye Summer

My biggest challenge this summer was finding something for two kids to do, who are at very different stages in terms of play. We had some hot weather and the baby couldn’t really go outside for as long as my toddler, they were on different feeding schedules, nap schedules etc.  I also wanted to find things to do, not just get wrapped up with cleaning the house and doing things on the inside while my daughter should be outside being a kid!

Here are some summer tips that helped me:

Getting out early – My daughter just learned how to ride her bike and loves it ūüôā  If my husband wasn’t working, I would go out with her while he entertained the baby.  If he was busy or working, I would take the baby in the stroller as she rode beside us.  I’m sure you’re asking why I wouldn’t just take the stroller every time.  We have some hills in our neighborhood and I would find that she doesn’t really know how to steer or stop while going down the hill.  It would get a little tricky trying to catch and stop her/steer for her while pushing the stroller at the same time. I will get better at that, just may take a little more time ūüėČ

Children’s Museum – we spent some of the hottest days/afternoons at the children’s museum.  The kids had a ball and we were able to get some energy out as well as stay cool.

Mini Pool – We had this in our backyard and we would use it for a short time.   I could stick my feet in, I could push the baby in his swing while she played in the pool, and put the baby’s feet in every once in a while.

Daytime Baths – If the kids needed a bath and it was way too hot outside and inside for that matter, we took a bath and they got to play for an extended time.

Target – my home away from home.  My son’s formula was from Target and he went through it often.  Typically we went to Target every weekend, I would choose to go in the late morning when there weren’t lots of people in the store and when it was already getting pretty hot.  Target cooled us down while we were productive and getting things we needed.

Diaper bag to diaper backpack – I love totes!  I have 3 totes that I would use for the kids but this summer with the baby more on the move and going to the museum by myself with the kids, I needed all my hands.  Esp, needing to at times carry both of them.  So I switched to a backpack and never looked back.  I remember my sister doing this and her recommending it early on in my first pregnancy but I always wanted my tote.  The backpack is a life saver.  I can keep enough in it with out hurting my shoulders and can carry the kids when needed.

Sun screen – so far my kids are blessed with not getting burnt as soon as the sun touches them.  Since vitamin D is so important, I usually have my kids soak some up before putting sunscreen on them.  The one I have learned about, love, and trust is from Young Living.  I used it on my trip to Mexico and I didn’t burn once when I was there.  It also didn’t take long for it to rub into my skin.  I fell in love with it.  I switched my entire family to this sunscreen and it is for the most part, always in the diaper bag.

Homemade bug repellent – mosquitoes love my daughter.  I couldn’t find a bug spray that wasn’t crazy greasy and I trusted.  So I made my own.  I used water with lemongrass, lavender, tea tree, citronella, and peppermint.  It really seemed to work.

Lavender essential oil and peppermint essential oil – I would use these on bug bites.  Peppermint for me – it would stop the itch.  Lavender for my kids – peppermint is too strong and is a hot oil so could burn the kids, so the lavender would help heal their bites.

I hope these tips help someone next year like they did for me!

Coocoo For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is incredibly useful in my house and I always have a jar handy.  I cook with it, make personal care items and give it to my dog.  Coconut oil helps with healing, boost your immunity and helps with digestion.  Here is a link with some benefits: 11 Surprising Benefits & Uses of Coconut Oil

Personal care gets the most use in my house.  There are 2 mixtures I always keep on hand for A: Young Living RC mixed with coconut oil and then a separate mixture of Young Living Lavender and coconut oil.

YL Lavender – When she was an infant and had what seemed like never ending cradle cap, I rubbed a little bit of the Lavender and coconut oil on her head and then later on would comb through her hair.  A lot of it would lift up.  Other than that, I use it as a body lotion when her skin gets dry and put it on any scratches she has.  It helps moisturize her skin and help heal the broken skin.  Because she is still so small I keep it away from her eyes, nose, and mouth.  Occasionally if she has a scrap on her cheek or the top of her nose I will put the tiniest bit on her when she is down for the night.  For this mixture I mixed about 10 drops of oil in a baby jar filled with coconut oil.

YL RC – Whenever A has a cold with a cough, I rub some of this on her chest.  Typically at bed time.  If it’s really bad I will put some on before daycare as well.  My husband actually used it the other night before bed and it helped the deep cough he had.  He only needed to use it twice before it was gone.  This mixture has a 1:1 ratio. 

The book that I looked up how to use these oils on my lil one is Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern.  It’s a great book that is full of information about essential oils and how to use them.  If you would like to use oils on yourself and your children I highly recommend this book.

Two other ways I use coconut oil in my house is by putting a little bit of it in my tea and giving it to our dog.  She LOVES it!  It makes her coat really soft.

How do you use coconut oil? 

TGFL: Thank Goodness For Lavender

Ever since A¬†was born, fevers make me nervous (well everything makes me nervous when it comes to her!). ¬†They can come out of nowhere and that’s typically how A‘s¬†usually start. ¬†She doesn’t take medicine very well for us. ¬†It’s always a two person job and I end up being covered! ¬†What can we possibly do to help her fever when we can’t get any medicine in her body???

Young Livings Lavender essential oil.

Majority of the time, this will be the only thing I will use and typically don’t have to give her medicine. ¬†Depending on how high her fever is. ¬†If it skyrockets to at least 103 out of the blue, I still try to get as much medicine as I can into her body. ¬†When I do have to use medicine I try to stick with Motrin. ¬†I unexpectedly learned that Tylenol for infants has Sucralose in it. ¬†I was shocked and would’ve never thought to check her medicine for that. ¬†I try to avoid it as much as I can.

At the onset of a fever, I put a drop of Young Livings Lavender oil on one of her feet and then rub both feet together. Sometimes I will take a compress with not hot or cold, somewhere in the middle and hold it to her feet.  The first time I ever tried it, I think it helped get the oil into her body faster.

Even if she only has a 99.9 fever I will put a drop on her feet.  Lavender can help with teething and overall is relaxing for babies.  On my never ending (or shrinking) to do list, I plan to pack a little first aid kit for our diaper bag and include this oil so whomever is watching her or if we are out I can use it if need be.

Young Living are the only kind of essential oils I will ever use on myself and my children. ¬†I do not recommend trying this with any other brand, especially if you haven’t researched them or have heard that their Lavender has helped in this way. ¬†Here is a link to read about the¬†Young Living Difference. ¬†Please reach out with any questions you have! ¬†Member ID 3769515